Write your way to a happier life with Fran the Journal Coach

Top Five Reasons to Journal

  1. Discover what your dreams are and develop plans to manifest them.
  2. Strengthen your spirituality, creativity and intuition.
  3. Control stress through identifying issues and what you can do about them.
  4. Give yourself a safe, private place to express your feelings.
  5. Join the ranks of Anne Frank, Anais Nin, and others who have committed their lives to paper. 

 Who or What Is a Journal Coach?

   Hi, I'm Fran Jablway.  I've journaled for over twenty years, incorporating it into my work as a social service professional and a writer. I've found it to be an invaluable tool for spiritual  growth, creativity, healing, planning projects, and manifesting dreams.  In a personal session, I'll help you write your way to a happier life by asking questions to help you clarify your desires, then suggesting journaling based assignments to do between sessions.

  My email address: fran@thejournalcoach.net

Journaling for Weight Management

I struggled with my weight since I was four years old, constantly going up and down the scales. My family doctor had me on a diet by kindergarten and diet pills by the time I was in second grade. Some years ago, I weighed eighty pounds more than I do now. I was able to use journaling techniques to discern the psychological, spiritual, and biochemical issues contributing to my weight challenges and develop plans of action to deal with them. I've kept myself at a size 12 for three years now as a result. I would be honored to assist you in your journey to better health.